Homero Simpson

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In 2007 an official Simpsonize me website was created which would make a Simpsons character for you from any uploaded photograph. Although the site generated immense popularity, it was limited because; the Simpson yourself templates that were used to make a Simpsons character were limited to editing which makes it difficult to see the resemblance and likeness. Despite the massive popularity, the Simpson avatar generator website went out of business a few years ago, and that is where new artists stepped in!

CartoonPortrait is the latest and better version of the old Simpsonize website where you can make your own Simpson. They do not make use of templates, instead; they utilize the skills of professional artists to hand-draw each Simpsons portrait which in turn results in a finished simpsonized image avatar that is easily recognizable. Given the limited possibilities and limited customization of the old simpsonize me website, CartoonPortrait makes sure buyers are always happy with the finished simpsonized picture.

Are you ready to Simpson yourself? It is easy, to make your own Simpson; just select the type of portrait and make a simple and safe order on their website.

After a successful order, you will be asked to upload your desired photo, fill out your necessary details and enter any special requests you may have for your portrait.

The moment your image gets uploaded, one of their dedicated artists will then digitally hand-draw your image into a Simpson character which takes much time and hard work for perfect quality. Although, they aim to get your portrait to you as soon as possible, but it takes up to 4-5 days.

Once your portrait has been successfully simpsonized, you will receive an email that contains your portrait digital copy. You can send it as a digital gift, put in in a frame, on greetings cards, mugs, t-shirts or even use it as a unique Facebook avatar!



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